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Holy crap it’s September. Summer is almost over and my favorite time of year is nearly here. Fall brings all the wonder of changing leaves and sunsets in the most amazing colors. Fall also brings Rocktoberfest, which I will be taking part in again this year. Like in 2020 and 2022, My story will feature a struggling band and the relationships found not only within it, but with those who are close to them. This year’s book is called Damaged Saints, and in it new members are struggling to fit into a fractured band, while old members are struggling with their lives away from the music. There is angst, conflict, steamy bits, an awesome pair of Saint Bernards, a trio of adorable children, and a teddy bear tea party in which dreamy rocker boys show their soft sides as they make a little girls dream afternoon come true.

New Release


Wildfire's Requiem


Building a new pride is backbreaking work, especially in an unpredictable territory where lack of rain leads to wildfires and drought. For brothers Pike and Nathan, this is the opportunity to build a pride house and harem of their own, though the last thing they expect is the fates to send them three very different lions who might not be able to get along.

Lion Shifters      MMMMM        Fated Mates      Found Family      Arsonist

New Pride          Grumpy Lion    Misunderstandings


Wanna stay like this forever.

The thought echoed in his head, though Remy hadn’t spoken a word aloud. It struck him like a mini electric shock, tingling up his back, warming him from the inside out. He felt the same, and while realistically, they all knew it wasn’t possible, it was something they could create inside themselves, a home for each other.


We will.


Remy purred, the movie played on, and after a while, someone loaded a second one. Somehow, another dragon movie had been chosen, and damn but Pike hadn’t even realized they had that one. Remy stretched, exposing his throat inches from Pike’s lips, and when he licked over it, Remy made the most delectable sound.


Don’t mind bein’ food.




Not for you


And what if I were to eat you up?


You won’t


How do you now?


‘cause there’d be nothin’ left for tomorrow.

June Release


Painted Love


Cas' ferret suit is a patchwork collection of stitched-together fur, but he's earnest, honest, and just wants to prove that he can be a good pet.

Mouse is a pet, he's a kitty with a fantastic Daddy and they've been looking for someone to join them in their playtime and perhaps even a whole lot more. Meeting Cas offers a wealth of possibilities. The more time they spend together, the more they bond. But will an arsonist bring all their plans crashing down around them before they ever have the chance to see them realized?

Pride Pet Play 2023 is a multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not check them all out? If you like playful pets who are sometimes naughty, Pride parades, and Daddy’s who love their boys unconditionally you’ll fall in love with our pack!


Mouse’s tail bobbed in front of him, but he kept his hands off it, since nothing had been spoken about touching one another. He was watching, observing, just up close this time, where he could follow Mouse, and lose himself in the pretense that Garrett was praising him and encouraging him too.

Then it dawned on him, like a lightning bolt the realization struck.


Garrett was.


His words weren’t just for Mouse.


Cas’s name was spoken too. He interchanged them from time to time, moved the dangly toy from in front of Mouse to in front of him. Cas batted at it and watched it swing, he batted, leapt and pawed, and sometimes, he ignored it to poke about in a corner and oh look, shinny. It was the shinny that suddenly held the whole of his attention as poked it and sent it rolling along the floor. It dawned on him then what it was, someone’s bell must have come off, so he scooped it up and proudly knelt up higher to offer it to Garrett, who smiled and plucked it from his hand.


“Well now, someone is observant,” Garrett said.


Cas wanted the ear rubs and skirtches, but they hadn’t negotiated anything about touching, which was sad really, since he truly wanted to play with them in every sense of the world, yet he had no clue how to get to that place with them.


Fortunately, Garrett noticed, and reached a hand out, hovering it over Cas’s head.


“May I?” he asked, rewarding Cas’s yes please with the softest, gentlest rubs he’d ever felt.


“If you want something, you only have to ask,” Garrett murmured, while Mouse watched with a bright smile on his beautiful face, clearly as okay with as Garrett was. Now that made it easier to relax and slide deeper into his ferret headspace, and with it, to follow Mouse deeper into the maze.

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