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Wow, January is half over and I've been working steadily on Shanny's upcoming Valentine story, which is currently available for preorder along with a few other different projects that are in the works. Book 6 of the Comet Lake Chronicles: Shedding Lies, is one of the projects, as my the Monster Match novel that will be released in March. It features a Nixie who can mold water into bondage ropes, paddles, and anything else I can think up. He also has a habit of popping up unexpectedly in people's showers, since he can use water for a portal. I've also got a variety of free and subscription stories I've been working on that can be found in my weekly newsletter, on Ream, on Vella and as part of the Rainbow Lyrics and Mellow Mushrooms blog. From cat shifters/fated mates to rocker/bodyguard there is a little something for everyone, including a small town romance set on a rural apple farm. Throughout the year I will be announcing additional projects including a few surprises I've been working on. 

New Releases


A Little Christmas:

Ajay's Secret


Daddy/Little    Grumpy/Sunshine    Secrets Revealed   Street Musician   Businessman

Found Family    Paintball     Playtime    Movie Night    Close Friendships

Walker Remington hates the holiday season. He didn't always feel that way, but tragedy has a way of changing things and making a man bitter. Carols, lights, the sight of people with their packages and bags all tip him over into Bah Humbug mode, that is, until Ajay comes along. With his piercings and wildly colored hair, he is everything Walker is not. Young, fun-loving, and on the hunt for a Daddy, something Walker has been before, and longs to be again, if only he'll stop sabotaging every chance he's offered.

A street musician longing to hit it big someday, Ajay McKerran sets up on corners all over the city, playing his guitar and bringing joy to people, especially with the carols he sings. When a chance meeting lands him a gig playing at a dinner club for kink-minded individuals, he never imagined it would land him in a space where he could safely explore things he's long desired. But is Walker the right Daddy for him or will the man prove to be as cold as the Baltimore winter Ajay ventures out to play in?

Ryu_Layla Dorine.jpg

A Daddy for Christmas: Ryu


Daddy/Little    Grumpy/Sunshine    Secrets Revealed   Artist   Biker

Dancer    Curious Kitty     Coloring     Hide N Seek      Cock Warming

Build a Bear    Tree Shopping    Animal Rescue      

When a Secret Santa matchup sends Ryu to the wrong Daddy, will it be a pleasant surprise for both of them or will grumpy Kissmass Daddy Hank prove why he's been alone for over a year?

The moment Hank lay eyes on the basket outside his door he figured someone down at the club was playing a joke on him. The boy was adorable but certainly not meant for him. Learning who Ryu was meant for changed everything though, and suddenly the man who wasn’t interested in the package on his doorstep was loudly declaring Ryu his.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that simple statement would change his bleak holiday season into one of hope and love.

DamagedSaints-f - Copy.jpg

Damaged Saints

A Road to Rocktoberfest Novel


Poly    Found Family   Big Amazing Dogs     Injury Recovery   Replacement Singer   

Last year, days after Rocktoberfest, the band Damaged Saints were onstage when a pyro accident burned their drummer and seriously injured their singer when he was hit with flying bits of burning shrapnel resulting in damage to his voice that has left him unable to continue on as the band’s singer.

He's their new manager though, and thanks to a friend from another band, they’ve got a lead on a new singer. Jagger is smokin’ hot, charismatic as hell, and so far as they’ve been able to tell, has very little in the way of inhibitions, which makes him the perfect fit for their rather snarky, salacious crew. There is just one problem: Jagger has only ever sung with cover bands and never on a large scale or even at a venue larger than a small-town waterfront festival. He’s used to having less than four feet to move around in, which doesn’t translate well when you’ve got a whole big stage to fill. With less than a month to see if he’s got some hidden moves they can draw out of him, they’re looking to use any means at their disposal and maybe even discover if Jagger is the perfect fit for them off the stage too.

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