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It’s March 10th, and one would think that would mean the beginning of Spring, but not here in Iowa. It snowed yesterday, ending my morning walks for a little while. I guess the one good thing to come out of it is that it’s given me an early start on the edits for book 6 of the Comet Lake Chronicles: Swamp Wolf. Provided all continues to go well with the work on that book, it will be released late next week. In addition to Swamp Wolf, Babber into my Heart, my Pet Play by the Lake novella, will be coming out in April, while my new lion shifter MMMMM harem book is set for release in May. I will also have a June release, in Painted Love, my Pride Pet Play novel, and an as-yet-unnamed Road to Rocktoberfest making its appearance in October. All in all, I’ve got a busy year ahead of me, and likely to have some surprises to share too.

Aside from all the writing, I’m going to be at Rare Melbourne next month, as well as Writers on the River in July, Romance Rendezvous Book Bash in August, and Lust in the City in November. I’m looking forward to meeting readers and fellow authors alike and will be looking into even more events for next year. That really is one of the best parts of being a writer. I love being in a space where one can discuss books and the characters we love as well as the characters we love to hate.

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Swamp Wolf


It was supposed to be a quick trip into another pack’s territory. Just long enough to second his brother in the challenges that had been thrown his way when a poorly thought-out decision led to a series of chaotic events. Like everything else in his life, nothing turned out the way Lucien had planned. A confrontation in council chambers nearly costs him his tail and earns him a couple of bondmarks on his wrists. It’s scary, considering all the secrets he keeps. Good thing for him, his mates are hiding just as much as he is.

Considered a prince of the north, artic wolf Jake Dylan has spent years trying to make a difference, helping displaced and stolen wolves find their way back to the families that have been missing them. It sucks to discover that rather than praying for a miracle, some of those families are directly responsible for the misfortune of the wolves they should have fought to protect. That’s okay, their failure is JD’s strength, and he prides himself on fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Speaking of fighting, Brooks Hagan has been putting his life on the line for other wolves for over twenty years. He’s tired, his wolf and his body are weary and what he needs most is some down time and tender loving care. Unfortunately, there is a threat to their pack worse even than the Red River Outlaws they’ve recently defeated. Bears. But whether they are actively attempting to take over Comet Lake, or the unwitting pawns in another’s game is still up for debate. Until that’s settled, Brooks’ time with his mates is less about bonding and more about the ways the three of them can help save their pack. Because if they can’t, they won’t have to worry about whether or not they can relationship work, they’ll be too busy running for their lives.

New Release

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A Murder for Crow

Retiring from the sport he loved had never been part of Crow’s five-year plan. Unfortunately, the head injuries he’s amassed over years of Mixed Martial arts fighting have left him little choice but to throw in the towel and begin a new, shaky road towards…what? He’s got no clue, that’s for sure. In fact, the only thing he’s certain of is that living a few short blocks from the gym is not the way to put the sport behind him, not when he still hasn’t told any of his friends or training partners exactly why it is he suddenly decided to hang up his gloves.

Moving is the only option that comes to mind, and what better place to retreat to than the beauty of the Vermont wilderness he loved visiting in his younger days. After all, he still has family there, and it’s far removed from the sport he’s struggling to walk away from.

Speaking of walking away. Ever since he found proof of his late husband’s infidelity, Jaylon’s been wishing the man had abandoned him long before his illness stole his life. At least then he wouldn’t be torn between fury and mourning, wondering what he’d done to drive away the man he’d loved. He’s way too old to be starting over, or at least, that’s what he tells himself before Crowley “Crow” Davies pulls up to the cabin Jaylon was renting out, beautiful hitchhiker in tow.

Now he’s got one eye on Crow and one on Owen, a budding new dynamic forming between them, but will it all come crashing down when Crow’s best friend, Jesse, shows up, looking to reconnect. A former fighter who left the sport two years before, he’s been friends with benefits with Crowley since before either stepped foot in a cage to fight. The chemistry between the sheets is smokin’ hot, but there’s always been something missing, something the two never could put their fingers on.

Can the inclusion of Owen and Jaylon provide the pieces they’ve always needed, or will someone find themselves left out in the cold.

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